10 Most Common WordPress Errors and Fixes

WordPress is an easy-to-use and intuitive Content Management System (CMS) for running your website or blog. You can learn how things work in WordPress through the trial and error method. And this is perhaps the best way to learn this wonderful software.

However, since changes to WordPress are introduced regularly and also there are multiple plugins and themes that we can install, errors and bugs on our websites and blogs are inevitable. In addition, there are external factors like the PHP version installed on your web hosting server to run WordPress, limits placed by your hosting provider etc. that can result in different types of errors sometimes.

Fortunately, troubleshooting the common WordPress errors is not difficult and lay users with no technical skills can solve such WordPress errors themselves. This guide lists the 10 most common WordPress errors and also the solution to these errors.

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1. Response is Not a Valid JSON Response Error

Fix the JSON response error in WordPress

While working in the block editor you might experience an error that reads “Updating failed. The response is not a valid JSON response”. This error crops up while saving or updating posts. There could be different reasons for the JSON response error like theme or plugin conflict, incorrect SSL rules, outdated PHP, etc. Fortunately, there are multiple solutions available for fixing the response is not a valid JSON response error.

WordPress Permalinks Not Working Error

Permalink is the part that appears after your domain name. Permalink errors are nothing but “404 page not found” errors that cause a bad user experience and should be rectified ASAP. The 4 common causes of permalink errors in WordPress are 1. Changes in permalink settings 2. .htaccess file misconfiguration 3. Plugin conflicts and 4. Apache module error. The good news is that there are 4 easy ways to fix the permalink not working error in WordPress that you should check out.

3. Internal Server Error in WordPress

Fix the 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress

An internal server error is represented by the 500 HTTP status code. This error results in your site becoming inaccessible not just to your visitors but also to you. That’s why this error can be a bit tricky at first. The usual suspect in the 500 internal server error is misconfigured plugins. But there are some debugging tools available to fix the 500 internal server error in WordPress.

4. Database Connection Error in WordPress

Database connection error in WordPress

Did you recently come across the message “Error establishing a database connection” on your website? This error is usually the result of faulty database credentials like wrong username or password in the wp-config.php file. But it could also be due to come error in your WordPress database. Of course, plugin conflicts cannot be ruled out. But know what? You can easily fix the database connection error in WordPress using 6 different ways!

5. HTTP Image Upload Errors in WordPress

WordPress Image Upload Errors

We all like to decorate our blogs with beautiful images but sometimes while uploading an image in the WordPress media library, an unexpected HTTP upload error might crop up. Usually, such upload errors are the result of insufficient file permissions in the WordPress uploads folder. But there could be other reasons as well like file upload size limits, unsupported file types, etc. However, you need not worry as there are 9 ways to fix the HTTP image upload errors in WordPress.

6. This Site Can’t Be Reached Error

This Site Can't Be Reached Error WordPress

Let’s face it. An inaccessible website is a turn-off for your visitors and it can make you feel panicky. But you will know that “this site can’t be reached” is one of the most common WordPress errors and can be caused by faulty plugins, expired browser cache, etc. That’s why you should check out these solutions to this site can’t be reached error.

7. WordPress Critical Error

Critical Error on WordPress Websites

In the midst of working on your website, you may come across a message that reads “there has been a critical error on your website” and your site suddenly becomes inaccessible. In this post, you will learn 6 ways to fix the critical error on WordPress and one of the solutions will surely work for you.

8. WordPress Memory Exhausted Error

Memory exhausted fatal error WordPress

WordPress is built with the PHP language that is installed on your hosting server and works in the background. In order to function properly, WordPress requires a minimum of 64 MB PHP memory. When the WordPress memory falls below 64 MB, you may sometimes experience the following fatal error: allowed memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted. There are 2 ways to fix the memory exhausted error in WordPress that you should try out.

9. WordPress Theme Customizer Not Working Error

WordPress theme customizer not working error

The theme customizer is where the real action of editing all aspects of your website takes place. However, in some situations, the WordPress theme customizer may stop working and display a blank screen. The following steps will help you troubleshoot the WordPress theme customizer not loading error effectively and quickly.

10. Nonce Failure Error in WordPress

Nonce_Failure error in WordPress

While working on your WordPress website, you may sometimes encounter an unexpected “nonce_failure” error message. This error could occur while working in the theme editor or while performing a routine function like deleting a post or comment, etc. In this post, you will learn how to fix the nonce failure error in WordPress quickly and easily.