How to Display Category Posts on WordPress Pages

Ever since the Gutenberg block editor was introduced in WordPress 5.0 in December 2018, many exciting possibilities have been unleashed. One of these includes the ability to display posts from specific categories on WordPress pages.

In this post, I will share two methods to add posts from specific or all categories to your WordPress pages.

Interested in knowing how this is done? Read on.

  1. Display category posts on WordPress pages without a plugin
  2. Display category posts on WordPress pages with a plugin

Display posts from a specific category on WordPress page

You can easily add and display posts from a specific or all categories to your WordPress page in the block editor. However, if you’re using the classic editor to create content, jump to the section on adding category posts by using a plugin.

First, you should create a page in the WordPress admin area. We will use one of the widgets blocks to add the posts.

Once you have created the page, add a new block by clicking on the + circle. Scroll to the Widgets drop-down and click on the Latest Posts block to insert it into the page.

List view and grid options for posts
Chose between List and Grid view for the posts list

By default, it displays the 5 latest posts from all categories on your WordPress blog, but you can customize almost everything. Let us see how this done.

In the Block settings on the right, you have multiple options to play around with. If you wish to display posts from specific categories, jump to the Sorting and Filtering menu, and select your desired category from the drop-down.

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You now see the posts from that selected category only. But that’s not all.


You can also decide the number of posts you want to display from that category and also sort the posts from oldest to newest or vice-versa. You can choose between List view and Grid view to show the posts on the page.

What other options are available here? You can toggle the Post Content Settings to show the post title or the excerpt and also display the post date by toggling the Post Meta Settings.

display options for posts block in WordPress page
Configuration options

If you wish to display posts from multiple categories on a WordPress page, you can duplicate the block and then select a different post category.

display posts from multiple categories in WordPress page
Select posts from multiple categories

Wasn’t that nice and simple? But what if you’re using the classic editor to create your page? I have you covered.

Display posts on a WordPress page with a plugin

You can add and display posts on WordPress pages using the Posts in Page plugin. This plugin works by inserting shortcodes in pages so you can also use it to insert posts using the Gutenberg block editor.

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you can check out the shortcodes available for use on your page by navigating to the plugin settings in your admin dashboard.

If you wish to insert all posts on the page, you can use the shortcode [ic_add_posts]. But if you wish to add posts only from selected categories, you should use the shortcode [ic_add_posts category=’category-slug’].

What’s more, you can even include posts from specific tags, insert Read more link, and do much more with this plugin.


You just saw 2 methods to display posts from specific categories on your WordPress page using the block and classic editors. Did you find this WordPress tutorial easy to follow, and could you add category posts to your pages? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. This is helpful but please note that the plugin you recommend is very out of date and therefore not safe to install. Are there other plugins you know of? In particular, one that allows every post with the designated category to display and not be limited to 100. Something that allows subdivisions would be amazing. Thanks!


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